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Delivering Professional Structure and Pipeline Inspection in Fort St. John, Grande Prairie, Peace River, Dawson Creek and Western Canada
When you work in the oil and pipeline industry, there isn’t time for a slowdown because a pipe is damaged, and that’s why 20/20 NDT Inc. offers a non-destructive pipe x-ray, or NDT, in Alberta to help identify potential problems before they cause serious damage or service interruptions.

What We Do
You’ve invested a lot into your structures. Guarantee that your investment is protected and effective by using an NDT company. We use non-invasive techniques to inspect your structures for even the tiniest imperfections, so you can anticipate problems and save yourself from major catastrophes and expensive repairs.

20/20 NDT Inc. uses radiographic (x-ray) imaging to get a good look at your pipeline, structures, etc. This is the industrial version of getting an x-ray at the doctor’s office. Instead of x-raying bodies, we check out welding in the oil patch or related industry.

Our Commitment to Safety
We are dedicated to safety both while we work and while your employees are on the jobsite. We maintain professional certifications so we can ensure safety compliance. Our technicians are selected carefully for their attention to detail and communication skills. Then, they’re trained meticulously to meet the latest codes and industry standards.

Our staff never stops learning how to provide the best inspection for your site because we uphold a high standard and make further training a priority.

Reporting You Can Trust
Our custom electronic reports give you exactly the information you need to make your site efficient. The easy-to-understand reports provide data for your field operators and engineers that can be used to make a positive difference. We’ll show you pinhole leaks, pitting, sand wash damage, and structural weakness that could become a concern. All required documents are available by noon the following day and are electronic, not hand written, ensuring our reports are legible and easily accessible even years after projects are complete. Simply click the signature box and a coded electronic signature replaces the inefficient need to print, sign and scan. This time saving system doesn’t require any software education or downloads and works great in poor internet access areas.

Call us today at 1-866-930-6220 to schedule pipeline x-ray in Grande Prairie or anywhere in Western Canada. Your in-depth report will help you protect your investments from lurking problems.

Professional Affiliations and Certifications

Canadian Industrial Radiography
Safety Association (CIRSA)
Member Contractor of
Certificate of Recognition
#SE6118 from ENFORM
Member Contractor of
20/20 NDT Inc. provides all of western Canada with non-destructive testing of pipelines and structures. We x-ray industrial structures and pipelines out in the oil field, internal structures of high-rise buildings, even the wings of an airplane to investigate and prevent potential problems. Our highly-trained professionals are constantly in search of all innovations regarding non-destructive testing, and are audited regularly to maintain, and exceed, industry standards and codes. For non-destructive testing in Grande Prairie, Fort St. John, Peace River, Dawson Creek, and the rest of Western Canada, call us at 1-866-930-6220.